Donation Barometer 2018

 Donation Barometer 2018

The donation barometer gives on a monthly basis a summary of the activities of the donors and the godparents. Also shown are the account balances of the current year. Major investments are reported in the GAC newsletter.     

Account of Kinderhorizonte e.V. Deutschland 2018 

Actual Balance







Status 1.1.2018

€ 19.663,36

Account Transactions



Account Balance


Other donations


€ 21.110,36

Godparents Donation

€ 1.410,-

€ 21.073,36

Remarks: Some donors and sponsors are paying annually or semi annually rather than monthly. We report those semi annually or annually contributions as if they were received monthly, thus giving us a better picture of the available funding for each month. The balance sheets above are on a cash basis.